Pregnancy Haikus

It’s 4 a.m. and

I have to pee yet again.

Didn’t I just go?


What exactly do

you mean when you say we are

out of pita chips?


Unrolled yoga mat,

collecting cat hair and dust.

Yes, ice cream for lunch.


You don’t understand-

when I yell BATHROOM! and run,

move out of my way.


You dip the french fry

into the frosty. Sweet and

salty, for the win!


No bright lights and no

sudden movements. I’ve got the

First Trimester Blues.


Oh, please, continue

to make my pregnancy woes

seem stupid and small.

Oh, please, continue

to tell me I’ve no idea

what’s in store for us.


Whose body is this?

This must be what they mean when

they say more to love.


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