Podcasts for Nesting

It’s finally happened, ya’ll – the day I hit 6 months pregnant was the same day my freedom from academia began, and so now I am able to nest to my heart’s content. To know me is to know that usually I am quite a … messy sort of person. I like things clean, but not tidy. This pregnancy has made me a nesting neat&clean freak as can be evidenced by recent purchases involving a shop vac, swiffer dusting supplies, paint, spackle, and super glue.

While I nest, I’ve been listening to podcasts. I’ve found they provide the ultimate nesting ambience for when I’m not feeling particularly “musicy.” I can choose to listen intently or just have them droning on in the background. Mostly I listen to comedic podcasts but there are a few others that have stolen my heart (topics include science, homesteading/hobby farming, history, foodie, Disney World). And of course, they’re free!

Here’s what I listen to while nesting:


mike and tom

This is part of the Nerdist network, and I’m obsessed. I love Michael Ian Black and Tom Cavanagh, and they’re better together. They sit around and eat and review snacks. It’s THE ULTIMATE PREGNANCY PODCAST! Of course, please understand, actually eating the snacks is sometimes low on the priority list during the show, but trust me, if you like either of these guys, you will love this show. (The Popcorn Indiana show is one of my favorites).


Hosted by Chris Hardwick. Jonah Ray, and Matt Mira. Their interviews are fantastic- my favorites so far are the podcasts with Tom Hanks, who might be one of the nicest and funniest people to exist, ever, and Bill Nye! If you want to search by celebrity, use this Wikipedia page to find an episode easily.


Just ask my husband- I am grossly ignorant when it comes to history and geography. This show helps me immensely. Even if you’re not a history nerd, this is a wildly entertaining show! Find free, full episodes on iTunes.

small home farm radio

Erin Lahey and her family own and operate a small farm in Michigan. I LOVE these podcasts… she talks about everything hobby farming and homesteading, and she’s lovely. If you’re a country guy or gal at heart, give a listen!

star talk

It’s Neil deGrasse Tyson talking science, in ways that I actually understand! It’s funny, doesn’t make my brain explode, and I like to think the baby is absorbing All The Wisdom.

alton brown

Alton Brown recently partnered up with Nerdist and is now available to delight foodies everywhere. This is a pretty new series so there are only 5 episodes, but with humor, food-talk and interviews, I can’t wait for the next one.


Yes, my family is pretty obsessed with DisneyWorld. We won’t be going back to The Happiest Place on Earth for another year or so, so these podcasts can fill the void for now. Some of the podcasts focus on individual rides, and their history and insider info- I love those! As I write this I am learning all sorts of secrets about The Great Movie Ride.     I think I need a vacation.


What do you listen to while nesting?


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