(the best) Pregnancy Chocolate Pudding


Pudding from pre-pregnancy, with coconut cream straight from the can. Pretty impressive photography skills, amiright?

I don’t want to brag or anything, but in the pudding world, I’m sort of a big deal. I’m not a fan of titles, but would go so far as to say I’m somewhat of a connoisseur. I know my pudding. My all time favorite, hands down, is Royal-brand butterscotch, but I’ll gladly devour pistachio, chocolate, lemon, banana, vanilla, whatever.

In the past few weeks I can’t get enough of chocolate everything. I never really understood the obsession some people have with chocolate… until recently. Babby must have a thing for it, because I crave all forms of it day and night. I’ve been very active in the fudge brownie community and have been eyeing the boxes of hot chocolate mix, only passing them by because it’s been so sweltering here.

Combine my recent love for chocolate, a penchant for laziness (I like to call it “pregnancy”), and never having milk in the house (I only drink almond, my husband only drinks vanilla soy), and you’d have a pudding predicament on your hands.

That’s why I’m so ridiculously happy that I’ve found this INSANE alternative chocolate pudding recipe from Paleo Zone. It has five ingredients (but can be made with 3!), takes 2? maybe? minutes to make, requires no stirring or heat and is ready instantly. It’s also a delicious way to get in good fats during pregnancy, which are so necessary for mamas and babies. Brace yourselves: in order to make this pudding you will need:

  • a spoon
  • a small food processor
  • honey (pasteurized is recommended if you’re pregnant) (I’m sure you can replace the honey with a vegan-friendly alternative, also, if that’s your thing)
  • vanilla extract (though I made it without the other night and didn’t miss it)
  • coconut oil (again, made pudding sans this and didn’t miss it)
  • unsweetened cocoa powder
  • ….avocado.

Okay, everyone CALM DOWN. Some of you are going to be very turned off by the idea that any sort of “pudding” involves avocado. This is where you need to trust me. This pudding is chocolatey, creamy, rich, filling, and has no trace of super healthy vegetable.

happy avocados

See? Avocados are happy & nonthreatening.

The recipe from Paleo Zone can easily be halved if it’s just going to be you and your partner indulging. You want to eat this immediately. I haven’t ever had any for leftovers because 1) haaaaaahahahahahaha, leftovers and 2) it gets sweeter and more banana-y flavored if you leave it overnight.

This pudding has been a lifesaver for me. I gained 22 lbs in 25 weeks (7 lbs in the past 3 weeks), and while I’m still right on track weight-wise, something tells me that my recent weight surge is due to pie, and lots of it. This pudding stops my chocolate/sweet tooth cravings in their tracks and allows me to indulge and get my cocoa on without feeling like crap about it.

I haven’t made this coconut whipped cream from Oh Lady Cakes yet, but I do have a can of Trader Joe’s coconut cream in my pantry so am sure I’ll be whipping up that soon, along with some berries while they’re still in season, or of course atop more of this chocolate pudding.

Just TRY IT. I don’t have any fancy photos of recent puddings because I was too busy shoveling it into my body like a crazed pregnant maniac. Instead, here’s a picture of MomCat eating a banana.

20130108_083456 (1)


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