Single Digits. Ermahgerd.

It’s happening! 9 weeks until my *estimated* due date. Single Digits. This means a lot of things, 2 of which are

  • Babby might not be done baking for another 11+weeks. (Not ideal)
  • Babby could be done baking in as little as 6 weeks. (Really not ideal)

Of course, Babby will come when she’s good and ready, and she seems pretty opinionated and stubborn already, so I’m sure whenever she decides to make her entrance will be the right time for her. If she comes any sooner than 6 weeks from now (making her premature) or after 42 weeks (making her “post-term”), home birth is off the table. I’m trusting that she’s going to turn head down (she’s loving her frank breech lounging right now), grow big and strong, and come when she’s safe and sound.

I really can’t believe I’m so far along. Throughout the second trimester (you know, that time when I had All the Energy and could like, do a load of laundry without being overcome with exhaustion?) there were many birth-related activities I wanted to dive into, but felt I should wait on until I was further along in my pregnancy. Now it seems I’ve entered Crunch Time where there is so much to do, and yet I don’t really have the energy or enthusiasm I had a few weeks  ago.

Steve and I were gifted with a beautiful baby shower recently, filled with happy, celebrating family and friends, and of course- baby things. We spent the past weekend putting various pieces of furniture together and figuring out what we still needed, baby-wise. The next few weeks will, I’m sure, become a blur of shopping for steals, Amazon deliveries and trying to cloth diaper the cats.

Hmm. On second thought, I don't think this is a risk I'm willing to take.

Hmm. On second thought, I don’t think this is a risk I’m willing to take.


The Fall is my FAVORITE season, and this year in particular is a busy one. Our calendar is loaded with doula prenatals, midwife appointments, birthday parties, pumpkin picking, decorating, Halloween fun, CRAFTING!!!! and general Fall mayhem, which of course flows right into the insanity of the holiday season. We also have more than a few things to do to prep for our homebirth and the baby that comes with it, like creating our birth and (hopefully not necessary) transfer plans, dealing with insurance, shopping for baby, nesting, purchasing necessities such as our birth kit and pool liner, yada yada yada. And, oh yeah, some quality time spent together before we become three would be great, too. We were going to go on a mini-babymoon before The Bean arrived but…

We recently found out that our insurance is quite crappy. We knew our in-network benefits didn’t offer much, but had no idea that we have *zero* out of network benefits. The out of network benefits were supposed to cover the (large) remainder of our midwife’s fee… but now it looks like that responsibility is on us. We are happy to pay as we feel our home is the safest and most comfortable place for our daughter to be welcomed into the world, and the prenatal care of our CPM is outstanding… but of course major unplanned expenses always sting. Luckily, even though a babymoon is now unfeasible, the generosity of our family and friends has covered the remainder of our (amazing) doula’s fee, as well as covered the fee of our placenta encapsulator (more on all of that later), which has relieved some financial stress immensely.

I’m continuously overwhelmed and awestruck by the generosity of family, friends, and even strangers during this pregnancy. Old friends I haven’t seen in 15 years are mailing gently used items and clothing just because they were thinking of us and had the items to spare. Despite some instances in the past few months that have unsettled my usually loving feelings towards my fellow humans, simple kindnesses continue to amaze me and restore my faith in humanity.

Sort of unrelated, read these blog posts/articles when you have the time. Trust me, they’re excellent:


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