33 Weeks Pregn… wait, what?

I’ve reached the weepy stage, ya’ll. I’m surprised actually that this entire pregnancy hasn’t been one giant weepy stage, but truly up until the past week I’ve been a model of emotional stability and outward keeping-it-together-ness. Then at about 32 weeks I noticed a shift in my levels of irritability and tear production. Here are a few things that have made me cry lately:

  • Watching the toddler across the street play in the yard
  • My chins
  • Folding cloth diapers
  • Yelling at the cat for licking the laundry basket incessantly
  • Completely innocuous comments from my husband about all sorts of things
  • Cleaning the bathroom and realizing that a life with pets is a life with fur everywhere, no matter how hard I try,
  • then realizing kiddos are messy/unpredictable and the surrendering of control that is going to have to happen on my part, and soon
  • Neil deGrasse Tyson explaining the most astounding fact about the universe (to be fair, this makes me cry even when not pregnant)
  • Watching my Momcat clean the face of her 4 year old babycat
  • Every birth video on Youtube
  • The realization that we are actually having a baby, which hits me about 20 times a day without warning.

This pregnancy is whizzing by. I put off doing a lot of “little things” during the second trimester because it all felt “too soon.” For example, I researched pediatricians but didn’t call to make appointments with any of them, because I felt like I was being a little overeager at, let’s say, 23 weeks. Though we are planning for a homebirth, I didn’t create a transfer plan or really even think about the possibility of transfer and what that would entail, because in the second trimester birth seemed eons away. Then one day I woke up mere weeks from being full term (three and a half… hi.) and it hit me that now we have so much to do and not a whole bunch of time to do them. October is PACKED for us.

Healthwise, baby and I are doing wonderfully. My blood pressure at my last appointment was a brilliant 118/80, Babby TURNED HEAD DOWN! (Thanks, Spinning Babies’ inversions/tilts!), fundal height is right where it’s supposed to be, and not even trace amounts of protein or sugar in my urine. Besides the weeping and my pregnancy rage over my husband (purposely?) leaving almost-empty cereal boxes precariously balanced on the door of the freezer so that when I open the freezer, said cereal falls on my head, I feel pretty okay. Breathing is harder now, my pelvis aches upon waking, and sleeping through the night is a hilarious concept, but these things are to be expected. There was a funny incident the other night involving me being stuck on the recliner due to a sudden bout of sciatica, but that’s a story for another day.

According to my husband, last night I shouted “GET OUT OF MY BONES!” at the baby multiple times… I don’t remember doing this because I was too busy dealing with the excruciating pain of whatever it is my daughter was doing in there. Whatever it was, it involved my right ilium and her giant heel(s) and was just… wow.

Borrowed from Labspace, an AWESOME site for those studying anatomy

Borrowed from Labspace, an swesome site for those studying anatomy

Babby’s been really interested in my bones lately, sometimes it feels like she’s grinding herbs in there, mortar and pestle style. Have you ever had a hard, jabby thing inside of you playing with your bones? I describe the feeling to Steve as “I think she’s building toys in there.” I don’t know if that’s a helpful description, but it makes me laugh.

I know I have more to say, but thanks to PregnancyBrain I now operate at around a goldfish’s level of mental efficiency. In lieu of actual content, I give you this list of some things I’ve been enjoying lately:


I love reading pregnancy and parenting blogs and am always looking to connect with other new moms and moms-to-be- please leave a link to your favorite pregnancy/parenting blogs in a comment so I can start reading!



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2 responses to “33 Weeks Pregn… wait, what?

  1. I was also an obsessive vacuumer. And road kill made me cry. Anything mean to animals = hot mess. Your post makes me miss being pregnant. And all of the random shit that goes with it!

    • Vacuuming has become almost inappropriately satisfying. It literally brings me joy. And thanks, I have a feeling I am going to miss it too! (just thinking about not being pregnant anymore is another thing that makes me cry).

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