Appley Compotey (?) Desserty Goodness


My predicaments:

  • I was craving something a little sweet
  • I was feeling rather lazy
  • I wanted an apple, but they were mealy. Totally edible, but just not appetizing raw.
  • I am all stuffed up from this neverending head cold and wanted something with some ‘zip’ to unclog my nose

My solution:

  • Throw apples in a pot with a bunch of stuff

Time needed: 2 minutes prep, 5-7 minutes cooking on medium heat

Skill level required: Common sense


Apples (I used 1 large Granny Smith and two smallish medium something or others- made 2 servings)



Water (Optional: pre-brewed nettle or pregnancy tea for extra goodness)


You can stop there, but if you like a little heat, I recommend adding a bit of

Ginger, freshly grated

Cayenne- just a pinch! A little goes a looong way



Cut up your apples into bite size pieces. Throw them into a small pot and turn the heat onto low/medium (on our gas stove I had them on a 4). Spoon in some good honey. Sprinkle in some cinnamon. Grate some ginger into it all. Maybe a pinch of cayenne? Add a splash of water, or if you’ve just brewed some pregnancy tea like I had, splash some of that in. You just need a tiny, tiny bit, enough to help the apples not burn. Stir that stuff around. Bask in the glory of Fall smells. After about 5-7 minutes the apples should be happily cooked and tender.

It shouldn’t be so simple, but it really is. It’s a great, easy way to use up apples and satisfy cravings quickly. The spice from the ginger and cayenne also opened up my nose allowing me to actually taste! Which is a pleasure I haven’t been able to experience in days. This dish is good on its own, but also could be a delicious topper for morning oatmeal/hot cereal! Or poured onto a puff pastry sheet and then baked… mmm. I wish I had more apples.


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