What I Wore This Week (3rd Trimester Edition)

There seems to be some sort of pregnancy/parenting blog phenomenon where pregnant women and new moms write “What I Wore Today/This Week” posts with pictures of… well, what they wore that day or week. Usually it’s some funky vintage ensemble that looks carefree, yet totally put together; very First Date Casual, very I pretty much rolled out of bed and came here looking like this because I am naturally fabulous and not at all high maintenance. The pictures are usually taken outside amongst nature, with a whimsical/cute expression, and of course taken by a second party from a flattering angle.

I used to be a person who gave somewhat of a damn (though my husband will virulently disagree). I am that same woman now, only, I just… I just can’t. Late pregnancy has given me the gift of Look-Like-A-Human apathy, which accompanies the midday water-induced heartburn and shouty outbursts when Babby headbutts my cervix continuously. I own two pairs of maternity jeans (Gap Long and Lean and Gap Sexy Boot), 2 official maternity shirts from yard sales (and 3 pregnancy tees from Gap, on sale!), a wide variety of pajamas, and regular shirts that used to be oversized and now just barely cover The Belly. I am Tim Gunn’s worst nightmare.

Found when googling "Tim Gunn looking disapproving." Hilariously/ironically found on this Mom Corrected post.

Found when googling “Tim Gunn looking disapproving.” Hilariously/ironically found on this Mom Corrected post.

To those who spend time and money crafting these “What I Wore” posts… you are my heroes. Pregnant and/or with a newborn and still able to like… put on cosmetics and do your hair?!? and choose an outfit that looks good AND take the time to get properly dressed? And then stage several photos and THEN WRITE A BLOG ABOUT IT?!

Here’s what I wore (last week):


  • Monday



  • Tuesday

2013-10-11 18.37.01

2013-10-11 18.39.17



  • Wednesday



  • Thursday



  • Friday



  • Saturday




  • Sunday


So there you have it. I’m tagging this as “pregnancy fashion.” Apologies for everyone who came here seeking actual, you know, fashion. I’m actually quite impressed with the number of times I wore real pants last week.



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6 responses to “What I Wore This Week (3rd Trimester Edition)

  1. Padre

    Quite the fashionista! I must admit that just last night I was on Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road in Miami’s South Beach and saw NOTHiNG in any shops or on anyone that even came close to your fashion statement. You are definately a trend setter.

  2. Tuesday is my fav by far…

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